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The time has come! Our new homepage is online. Now, at last, you have online access to all of our products. First of all, we would like you to gain a first impression of our wall protection systems or handrail systems by means of our overview. As you can see, the overview is additionally divided regarding our wall protection systems. The table (Tabelle) offers detailed information in regards to the differences between all types, their components and which fire protection requirements they meet. In the list you can see an image which will give you an idea of the design.

When you have decided on a type, you will find all corresponding documents including all necessary data which is required for your planning on the right side of the page. Furthermore, we offer possible fields of application in order to facilitate your work considerably. With the heading partner (Partner), you will find the corresponding data sheets or building inspectorate approvals to all of our systems available for download. In order to facilitate your planning, we would additionally recommend visiting the area “Good to know" (Das sollten Sie wissen) in order to facilitate your planning. Here you will find all important details on our products which are required for your planning.

Please also visit our extensively created blog, our photo gallery which is designed similarly. This will help you to find the right wall protection system, bracket or type of wood with just a few clicks.

The whole team wishes you lots of fun with our new homepage.
Brem Systeme GmbH

Brem Systems GmbH –founded in 1996 – is nowadays a leading systems provider regarding functionally designed and conceived solutions for

Brem Wandschutzsysteme wall protection systems- and
Brem Wandschutzsysteme handtrail systems.

It has always been our business to implement the requirements of our customers into perfect solutions, either functionally planned and designed or elegantly integrated. Thanks to our extensive product range, we are able to offer the adequate wall protection system or handrail system for each sector.
Our product range comprises 17 different wall protection systems. The panel material used is almost unlimited and we are furthermore able to offer new developments on an ongoing basis. Our broad selection of more than fifty own extruded sections, facilitates our daily work i.e. fulfilling your requirements regarding your concepts and ideas.

Our wall protection systems which are either made of solid compact panels or non-flammable gypsum fiber boards are ideal for wall-recessed installation or non-flush installation in drywalls or solid buildings. Our various designs are offered including or excluding assembly.

Our handrail systems are made of solid wood and stainless steel and are delivered including or excluding assembly. We offer different brackets in various designs and superficial structures.

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