Type K9

made of stainless steel, finely brushed

  • Base plate, Ø 40x3mm, galvanized, three-point fixing
  • Welded bead-molding Ø 12mm, bent in a diameter
    of 20mm to 90°, thread M 10x20mm for an invisible screwing in the handrail
  • All parts are welded invisibly
  • Extension to the front edge of the handrail approx. 90mm
  • Covering rosette Ø 45x10mm with drilling Ø 13mm for installation of the bead-molding

Application note

Attention, this console is intended exclusively for narrow post/bar constructions without the use of a wall dowel.Mounting on drywall is not suitable, as the base plate presses into the drywall sheet and becomes looser when the handrail is loaded due to the small contact surface.

Technical drawings



Impressions of construction projects in which the handrail type K9 was used.
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