Type K7

made of stainless steel, finely brushed

  • Horizontal bead-molding Ø 18x70mm, with M 12
    internal thread for the wall anchor and welded flat section 18x5x80mm with M5 headless screw for the handrail fixing
  • Wall anchor as thread bolt M12x80 for adhesion technology with perfo sleeve or hanger bolt M 12x80mm for wall installation
  • Extension to the front edge of the handrail approx. 90mm
  • Cover screen Ø 40x4mm. Edges beveled
The flat screen of the bracket is exactly inserted 30mm into the handrail. The handrail will be provided with a drilling hole on the wall side for the installation of the headless screw to the bracket. If fixing those systems to drywalls, it is necessary to provide a traverse of solid wood of 30mm at minimum.

Technical drawings



Impressions of construction projects in which the handrail type K7 was used.
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