Type K6

made of stainless steel, finely brushed

  • Horizontal bead-molding Ø 12x78mm, with M8
    internal thread for the wall anchor and drilling hole with gap for the handrail mounting, cutting edge of the bolt beveled
  • Wall anchor as thread bolt M 8x63mm for adhesion technology with perfo sleeve or hanger boltM 8x80mm for wall installation
  • Vertical tubular sleeve Ø 12x32mm as distance between the handrail and the horizontal bead-molding
  • Extension to the front edge of the handrail approx. 90mm
  • Cover screen Ø 50x3mm
If fixing those systems to drywalls, it is necessary to provide a traverse of solid wood of 30mm at minimum.

Application Examples

Here are some examples and details of construction projects in which the Handrail type K6 was used. An extensive photo collection you will find in our photo gallery.

Technical drawings



Impressions of construction projects in which the handrail type K6 was used.
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