Type K12

Double handrail made of stainless steel, finely brushed

  • Base plate, 180mmx70mmx3mm, six-point fixing
  • Welded bead-molding Ø 12mm, upper side at 30°and bottom side at 35° bent. On the upper side the bead-molding will be provided with a thread M 10x20mm for an invisible screwing in the handrail
  • The lower handrail is conducted to the bead-molding and installed with a headless screw on the backside. Therefore, the lower handrail is reversible
  • All parts are welded invisibly
  • Extension upper handrail 85mm, lower handrail 95mm
  • Axial distance of both handrails

Application Examples

Here are some examples and details of construction projects in which the Handrail type K12 was used. An extensive photo collection you will find in our photo gallery.

Technical drawings



Impressions of construction projects in which the handrail type K12 was used.
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